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June 25, 2015


Lenora Dannelke

I'm always found that it's easier to dine solo when you're REALLY hungry! That helps you forget inhibitions. And eating alone in the lounge or at a bar often leads to interesting interactions with other guests. (Like, "Oh, you're by yourself? Why don't you come join us?" Cool stuff like that.) And a Kindle makes a great companion. Anyway, good post!

James O'Reilly

And don't forget to bring a book when dining alone, even if it reinforces the (mostly imaginary) aura of lonely loser.


The hungry part is funny but makes sense. I seldom eat at the bar - not sure why. Maybe because I've lost my self-consciousness over eating alone and I like the room at the table to put my book, device, whatever and spread out comfortably. But it sounds like I should try the bar to meet interesting people. Thanks for your comments.


You're so right about the book. I can get very antsy not having anything to read while I'm waiting for food.
But on the lonely part - I've gotten so militant in my support of solo dining that sometimes I'll see solo diners and silently think "good for you! You don't need no stinkin' companion to enjoy a good meal."
I've pretty much rejected the idea that a solo diner is lonely or a loser. They're just someone who doesn't have a companion available that evening.


Try solo dining on a ship when the waiter scream 'you are eating alone?"
just responded: yes and now the entire room knows this


The waiter didn't have to scream, but there's also no shame in people in the room knowing you're eating alone. (They can see for themselves anyway.)
Could even be a conversation starter later about the annoying waiter. ;-)

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