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July 26, 2013



So true: "find a reason, no matter how flimsy, to chat with locals". I'm reminded of my last couple of trips to Kauai. My wife had become enamored of Uncle Mikey's dried pineapple ("no weird stuff added" ) and when we encountered him at the Hanalei shopping center, she reacted as though she'd met a celebrity, which both amused and charmed him. Then we met him behind the juice stand in town, feeling vaguely like criminals, to buy a bulk amount, something we've continued to do since. It was a fun way to be connected to Hanalei life.



I love it! Next time I'm in Hanalei - which I LOVED the first time - I'm going to look for Uncle Mikey. (Maybe I should taste the pineapple first?!)


Thanks Ellen.
Yes, Chester has some pretty special Tudor architecture, which is probably the reason most people visit.
We have a few Starbucks now, but there's still plenty of quaint tea rooms, if that's what you'd prefer.
And yes, you are all more than welcome to visit and take me out for tea, or if you want to stop by the shop I'll put the kettle on and make it myself :-)



Now there's an offer I won't turn down. The only issue at the moment is how soon I'll make it to Chester. Don't turn the switch on the electric kettle quite yet!
Keep encouraging cycling. It's great for so many reasons.


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