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March 10, 2013



That wine looks delicious! Pretty tempting on a Monday :)


Hopefully, some time after noon!

Claire Roderique

I saw your article in the Washington Post on Sunday. I appreciate you highlighting the Mason Dixon Wine Trail and the growing Pennsylvania wine industry. I realize your time to visit wineries was limited, but one comment I had was that the article gave the impression that Pennsylvania wines are primarily sweet. At one time this was true. Today, there are a number of Pennsylvania wineries that feature dry wines. We invite you to visit our winery and sample our range of dry red and dry white vinifera wines. Please visit our website for more details.


Thanks for the input Claire. We did taste dry wines. I was mainly reporting what a winemaker said. Hope to visit your winery soon.

Mary R

Great article in the post! I will definitely check out those wineries mentioned as I'm in the vicinity! I'm on a wine kick right now, anyway!



I'm not going to say I loved all the wines...but it was just so fun getting the tours. Something different. Enjoy.


Lawrance Bibda

Pa. wines, in fact, are getting much better, with a wider variety of types, sweet, dry and semi-sweet. Be sure to check out Vineyard at Hershey, one of the newest and, IMO, best wineries in the central Pa. area.

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