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February 14, 2013


Bingo Long

You place much higher in the live writer category than Ann Landers.


Yes, I guess you could call it success through "attrition." Thanks for noticing. (I had taken out the "may they rest in peace" line - a tad morbid.)

But I'll take success anyway I can. Not proud.

Gift ideas

That sounds romantic. I wish I had that at home ;-)
It would be fairly easy to build an interesting evening around that, using some basic items that people already have in their home. You don't need to go out and buy a lot of extras.

I guess you were more captivated by the champagne glass tub. So was Ted. To each their own. I am sure we can all find stuff we like and make the day special, as a single or part of a couple.


how did you find these places? I'm trying to find a really tacky hotel in vegas. Any ideas?


I don't remember how I found them but I would think it would be easy to find a tacky hotel in Vegas! I don't have a recommendation offhand...

Clark Norton

Ellen, between the Poconos and Branson, you're going to be known as the Queen of Kitsch. Not that you're in any way kitschy yourself. But living not far from the Poconos myself, I now have a great idea for next Valentine's Day. But not solo.



Haha. Tell me your idea! I'll write it for a different outlet...pretty please?
Yes, I better move on to classier topics.

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