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October 21, 2012



Strictly speaking, there is Tex-Mex food, as you have described it, which is what some people are thinking of when they say they like Mexican food.

I think that anyone who really likes Tex-Mex food will appreciate Mexican dishes. I would certainly like to visit Mexico and enjoy some of those dishes firsthand.


Thanks for sharing. I do love Mexican food, but I haven't been there to try the real thing yet. I have been looking for some travel recommendations for a trip I am trying to plan for next summer and I think Mexico may be a good idea! Thanks for sharing.


Love the article, Mexican food it's definitely more then just burritos. I recently move to San Carlos, to work in this beautiful resort Playa Blanca , and I've been learning so many things about Mexican food and culture. I hope you give yourself a chance and come visit sometime. Happy to help you.

Thanks for shearing.

costa rica family vacations

Hello, I'm another visitor who discovered your site by searching for craving food... I'm intrigued and delighted with what I've seen so far!


I want to write about food a whole lot more than I allow myself to do here. I try to remember this is a travel blog, not a food blog!

Blanca G. Delao

It is true. Some Mexican foods are Aztec and Mayan in origin so it is not entirely Mexican. South America has a diverse range of cross-cultures.

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