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July 29, 2012


I've been lucky enough to sleep in the lighthouse keeper's house of the Portland Head Light -- my friends used to live there. Now they're in a house just across the street from the gorgeous Fort Williams Park where the lighthouse is located. Lucky me! (Though foghorns aren't a great thing for a light sleeper ...)


That is so cool! Lucky you indeed. Hm, how often do foghorns sound?

Sandy Allain

I haven’t had a chance to visit a lighthouse yet. Does it have an eerie feel to it? It looks picturesque with the sky and sea as backdrop, but what is it really like from the inside? Does it invite the thoughts of ghosts and apparitions? Those places reek of old history and they must have seen a lot of happenings over the years.


Good questions, Sandy. I imagine a lot has to do with the lighthouse and the specific atmosphere of the place at the time of the visit.
I imagine a lighthouse out on the rocks on a gray blustery day may have that eerie feeling, whereas the one in the photo here is pretty close in and in a relatively populated location and on a sunny day would likely feel less likely to conjure up ghosts.
But you're so right, if those places could talk, they'd have lots of stories to tell.

Nomadic Samuel

Maine is such a gorgeous state. When my parents moved to New Brunswick I got an opportunity to travel through Maine several times and I was blown away by the scenery.

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