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February 20, 2012


Sounds like a fascinating trip, Ellen!


Most definitely. I hope to write more and post additional photos!

Pete Frenquelle

Question - in a foreign county, what is the risk of eating something that is not boiled, grilled, or otherwise well cooked (like a salad)?


That's funny - I never even thought about it. It didn't come up in the travel information on Israel, as far as I can remember.

So though I'm usually careful when traveling, if I've been warned, I was never warned. I even filled my water bottle from the sink. Someone must have told us it was okay though I'm not remembering who or when.
And the result illness.

Good question!

Holli Ann

I'm a little late to the party in reading your post but I did want to note that I loved reading your unbiased perspective from Jerusalem. My grandmother just got back last week from her trip over there, one that was entirely based on religion. Yours, it seems, took a different approach. Seems like you had an amazing time, thank you for sharing.


Thanks Holli Ann,

I can see how tours and impressions of Israel vary widely depending on whether your interest is in exploring your own religion or the wide variety of what Israel has to offer (including history of *many* religions.)
I enjoyed learning about the people, the food, the culture, history, the sights AND the religious aspect. I feel like I only scratched the surface in my short stay in Israel.
Thanks for your thoughts.


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