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August 08, 2011


Doreen Pendgracs

How very kind of you to profile my blog, Ellen!

Chocolate is something we all love. And I feel most fortunate to being able to travel the world in search of the best chocolate so that I can share it with my readers! I hope you and they will continue to follow my search, and that we can share many precious chocolate moments together.

Leyla Giray

Ellen, Doreen, Here's a great Swiss-based blog on food in general but Kerrin Rousset, the writer, has a definite leaning towards chocolate. You can't read her and then not rush out for a slab, bar, chunk, palette or piece... she's at - enjoy!


Doreen, I'll follow a chocolate search always.

Leyla, wow. Gorgeous chocolates. Switzerland and chocolate? Well, 'nuff said! Thanks sending us that site.


I love chocolate. I spent quite some time shopping around for London's sweet delights while I was in the city. Really great little places to indulge


Gosh, London chocolate is the best. Whenever I visit the city, I can hardly refrain myself from jumping in the beautiful shops!

Choc-affair Chocolates, York, UK

We like to think we are having a go at leading some kind of chocolate revolution! (especially if it building awareness about high quality chocolate that has been ethically produced and those that labour to produce the raw ingredients for our goodies, are paid a fair wage. We produce hand made family gifts from the finest fairtrade chocolate. We hope you might come across our range of chocolates on your travels! Best wishes. Choc-affair, York, UK.


Choc-affair. I love it! Good luck with your revolution.

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