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April 14, 2011



I hear Kava is quite a treat! Hope you can bring some home.


Hey Marilyn,
"Treat" isn't EXACTLY the description I'd use. The taste took some getting used to and although it numbed my mouth for a short while, I didn't get the relaxing effect I hear about. I think you need to drink several bowls of it.
In any case, there's such ritual and ceremony behind it that I'm not sure drinking at home alone is the thing to do. I'd need to invite friends over, mix the kava in a tanoa, and teach everyone when to clap and when to say "bula" and "vinaka."

The Fool

Great post!
Please Note that you cannot buy Kava Kava over the counter in the UK.
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GREAT stuff!!


Snorkeling with giant clams...sounds like a blast. I don't blame you for being out there exploring instead of in front of the computer writing blog posts.


I sure wish I'd gotten photos. My underwater camera ran out of film before I got to the clam bed. Darn.

Celkon Tablet

I just came to know that South pacific is such an beautiful place... thanks for sharing....

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