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April 08, 2011


Bingo Long

Jealous. Enjoy every minute.


Assuming you're off e-mail for a few days, I'll say I hope you had a great time. Sounds idyllic!


So how was Navala village and Bulou Eco Lodge? My family (including 3,1 yr old) are planning to go there next month for an overnight stay. We are also planning to stay at Raffles for 3 nights - is it very noisy from planes during the day?



Hi Leone,

I have to admit I didn't pay close attention to how noisy Raffles was. We were there a short time - just four hours. Not overnight. We had breakfast in a nice dining area - airy and sunny - and kids were enjoying the pool out back.
As for Bulou's, oh boy. I hope you don't have the rains the area had for weeks before we came and while we were there. The place was very muddy. The whole village and surrounding area was very muddy.
I'm curious where Bulou (pronounced boo-LOH) will put a family. (She is the 70-year-old owner and lives there with her son Tui.)
There are two small bures that each have one double bed. There's a sort of backpacker's lodging that has lots of bunkbeds. I'm guessing you'll be there. FYI, the place is very, VERY rustic.
There was no hot water and the electricity was from a generator, so it only came on for a few hours at night. There were no overhead fans, so hopefully it won't be too hot when you're there.
The food was plentiful - Bulou cooked lots of vegetables and served pineapple, bananas, oranges, fresh fish. There is a garden with beautiful orchids, several species.
Unfortunately, I didn't find it very relaxing because there weren't many places to hang out. Just your room or the dining room. Then again, that could have been because it rained a lot so we couldn't be outside. But you're going in the dry season. That should help.
Still, you have to not care about creature comforts to enjoy your stay at Bulou's. Let me know what you think!
Is the reason you're going to visit Navala? The village was amazing. A step back in time. If my followers are not getting really tired of reading about Fiji, I hope to write about that soon too.

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