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December 13, 2010


lee laurino

i have gone trans atlantic solo twice in the last 2 years and have found quite a few other travelers who are using the ship for transportation not to find a social connection.

The cost has always been 200% of what other passengers pay so a forward thinking cruise line would be refreshing.

My next trip is to Asia but I would prefer part of the around the world sailing but they prevent solo travelers who are not wealthy from joining in. You could buy a luxury car or a condo at the beach for some of the costs.

I would also like to share with all the cruise companines how NOT to tread solo travelers. I shall be blogging about this soon.



Thanks for your insights. What I've learned is that cruises tend to be the worst, that is, most expensive, travel choice for solo travelers.
I understand it from a business point of view - the fuller the ship (two per room) the more money the cruise line makes from other purchases, such as excursions, gifts, gambling, whatever.
That's why it's such a find when a ship such as the Epic tries to accommodate solo travelers.


Well, I think you nailed it, Ellen, when you said that the target demographic of those very expensive cruises is not working-class people. They're wealthy retirees. Too bad for the rest of us...and thank goodness for ships like the Epic.


One of these days I'll have to gather the pennies and book an Epic cruise!

Cruise Sydney Harbour

I can't understand why anyone would be willing to go on a cruise by themselves? Wouldn't it be much more fun going with friends or family?


Cruises are expensive; however, they can be a great way to see multiple cities without having to be in airports, check into and out of hotels, pack and unpack, get lost, rent cars, catch trains and buses, fight with taxi drivers, etc. Usually the ship leaves port in the evening and sails while you sleep. Land tours are guided so you will see the important things. Plus, sometimes a cruise is the best way to see a part of the world that is not always safe for the solo woman traveler.


Thanks Angela. It's true, there seems to be a huge element of "safety" and being taken care of while on a cruise. It's something I haven't tried yet.

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