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November 22, 2010





Wow! Can't believe it has been three years. I've enjoyed each and every post (especially the ones with me in them!).

Keep up the great work and Happy Birthday!


Thanks D and A! (Hm, that sounds like DNA) Such loyal readers/supporters...

Orly Hotels

Congratulations. I want to tell that I appreciate your job. Your posts are wonderful and I am happy there are people like you. Regards.


Congratulations, Ellen! 3 years is a long time to be doing this. I know what hard work it is, especially when its not your primary job. Think about all the lives you've touched in that time. Kudos!


Thanks so much Gray! How long have you been at it? Great blog,

Dominique King

Congrats on the milestone. I know how difficult it is to keep plugging away at it.

I'm around 16 "blog years" and counting myself :lol:


Great work, Dominique! Keep it up.


Better late than never - congrats Ellen. I never comment, but I'm a loyal RSS reader. (And I've been slowly adding to my own list - if you need more ideas, you're free to borrow.)


Thanks Tom. I love to hear from the readers I didn't know I had. Especially when they define themselves as "loyal readers." You made my day!

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