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September 29, 2010


Ellen also won a first place for a PRINT story, which appeared in Philly Inquirer. Worse, she bested me in that category. Totally annoying. Congrats Ellen.We love you!


Congratulations, Ellen. How exciting! I think all of your posts are award winners!


Diane and Adele,

Thanks you guys! You're the best...

Diane, btw, has won tons of awards for her travel stories in the Boston Globe and Ode magazine. (Am I missing a publication here?) Be sure to check out her blog, (link above.)
Adele wins a prize for being a dear friend for many years.

Marilyn Marx

Congratulations! So well-deserved. I'm sure you had some tough competition.


Thanks Marilyn!

Yes, I think a million people are in my SATW chapter, so this is really somethin'!


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