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August 22, 2010


Nick Laborde

That would be awesome to not have to lug around any bags, but a big challenge at the same time.


And all this time, I thought you LIKED pushing me through the train doors! What fun we had, even though we could do it so much lighter and easier nowadays...



It's one of my fondest memories - actually, the giggling that went with it, more than the event itself!

Yes, it would definitely be a challenge. We'll have to see how Potts does it.



Loved it, Ellen! But I'm wondering just how, um, padded Rolf is going to look. Will they make women's versions of these clothes with padding in strategic places, so I can pack my way to a DDD cup? Or maybe baby will get a LOT of back.



Hilarious! I didn't think of the body shaping aspect of it. There could be different models depending on the level of attention you'd like.


Yes,it WOULD be wonderful but NO, I could never do it!



I think you could! (Although one pair of shoes? That's a tough sell.)


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