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August 31, 2010


Laura Byrne Paquet

Thanks so much for the post, Ellen! Like-a-Local really is a fun experience.



I can't wait to try it! Great story. Congrats.



What a great idea! I like it. Will have to check that website out.


This is wonderful! I often wonder how I can get myself invited to dinner at someone's house when I'm traveling abroad... not only is it dinner, but it's insight into how people live, their cultural social customs, and so much more...

I'm going to Thailand this December, so maybe I'll try it there.

As far as removing hindrances to solo travel, I try to plan some kind of interaction- a language class, a day tour, etc... though I usually love being on my own!



I totally believe in your idea of trying to find some kind of interaction. If you poke around my site you will see ideas such as food tastings in Victoria, BC, language schools in Mexico and Ecuador, walking tours in Chicago and more.

I'm glad to hear you love being on your own. Too many people fear it, not understanding how liberating it can be.


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