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April 07, 2010



I'll out myself! It was me! Sorry ;)


No sorry necessary. It has made for a good story over the years. ;-) As you're probably sick of hearing.

S, over in England (the friend) are you willing to check in here? I'm guessing no.


Disney as a Solo Parent
Tomorrow, I head to Disneyland for my fifth visit in the last three years alone - with my child. OK, I know this doesn't exactly fit the solo category, but at times it feels that way (especially when she was too young to go to the bathroom by herself and I had to lose our place in line).
I have three bits of advice for solo parents doing Disney: 1. Stay on property - makes coming and going so much easier and the Disney hotels have great pools for much needed breaks. Too expensive you say? I use the Disney Visa card and earn enough points to stay FREE every year. 2. Costco has the best deal on Disney tickets - at least here in So. Calif. Four days for $130 and few blackout restrictions. 3. Eat dinner in a nice, grown up restaurant with real napkins away from the park. And drink.
(Ellen wish you could join us - I even fear the Peter Pan ride.)


Thanks for the extra tips Becky. I wish I could join you too. I think I could handle the Peter Pan ride!
AND I could hold your place in line while you run to the bathroom.
Wow, you're a stellar mom to take your child to Disney five times. I hope she appreciates you! Some day...


Rose F

Not going to lie this post has made me want to search for Disney world hotel deals for ONE! I love the magic of Disney and would go every year if I could!

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