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April 26, 2010


I love this post, Ellen. I"ve been on group tours where of course we exchange info at the end and never get in touch, or do so just once. What I've finally learned is that these connections are really wonderful, and that it's equally wonderful to simply say, so long, it was wonderful to meet you. Thanks for the memories. And that's that.


I like your post as well, as I am currently experiencing that. The 'bad thing' is that I am staying in one place (kota kinabalu, malaysia) because I am doing my internship here and the people I meet all go further traveling. They are going to have this new adventure, so they don't feel that bad as I do sometimes. I am always the one that is left behind :-(.. and that is not always that easy.



I totally hear you on this one. And it doesn't just occur traveling. I've felt that way when people have left my company for new jobs and I've been left behind. I'd always prefer to be the person who gets to do the exciting new thing.
But if I can talk as an objective observer, I "feel bad" because you're having this amazing experience in Malaysia and I'm not! Enjoy it to the fullest and I hope new, fun people come your way.



There is a name for those "temporary" friends that someone has made up. Does anyone remember what the name is? Gary


Hm. Didn't realize there was a name for them. Anybody out there know?

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