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March 01, 2010


Jocelyne Marchand

I have just returned from a solo trip to Spain. I was there for two months. I would travel any other way. You have more opportunities to meet 'locals' when you are alone. As for getting sick, I spent almost three days in bed with some kind of flu, my immersion heater saved me . . was able to make tea, soup etc. to keep myself hydrated. The space between the window and outside shutter was my refrigerator . . .



Very resourceful! I'm glad you weren't sick for too terribly long. It can be frustrating to be ill while traveling simply because your time away is limited and illness robs from it, and from all the things you had planned to do. But...stuff happens.



I am a solo traveler and my husband's greatest fear is that I will have some kind of serious injury or illness while I am traveling abroad. My response to that is, " could happen here just as easily as it could there." The important thing is to have good insurance coverage. Having travel medical insurance is really important and something I would not go without.

I agree with the importance of having a list of any daily medications. I am an emergency nurse working in a resort community where we see many international patients. Those that have a written list or their prescriptions bottles make diagnosis and treatment so much easier.



I love just hearing the words, "I am a solo traveler and my husband..."
Most people have an image of a solo traveler as someone single and pathetic who can't get anyone to travel with him or her. Not true.
As for the importance of daily medications - I experienced that first hand. I had the "American" name for a medicine that a Dutch doctor was unfamiliar with and it was in my lost luggage (that's TWO big mistakes). The doctor had to prescribe me something else based on my description of what I needed. Who knows what I actually got? Won't do that again...


Generic names are definitely easier to search but there have been times I was able to find the brand name of an international drug by searching on the internet. I can't emphasize enough the importance of always having a list of prescribed medications whenever you go the doctor, ER, urgent care, etc. Ok, enough of that soapbox!!



This presumes access to the Internet when you need it. It's probably pretty prevalent in doctors offices and hotels these days but who knows where you will be when you need the information?
It would be best to have those on hand, in your suitcase, ready to go.
When it happened to me about eight years ago, it wasn't as easy. The doctor couldn't seem to find what we were looking for online. Not sure why.

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