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January 04, 2010



I like those lessons -- they do resonate. I work to keep expenses down at home in order to "buy life," because travel is so vital for me. As for managing expectations, that is always a good idea -- though I am generally delighted with just about everything. Also, I don't consider dining alone to always be a bad thing. It's often when I catch up on my writing or reading while on the road. However, you're absolutely right about having someone watching your luggage -- that can be a lifesaver. Oh, well. Won't keep me home. :)



I'd love to have your attitude: "generally delighted with just about everything." Fantastic!
I agree that dining alone can be very relaxing. Instead of gabbing away, one has time with one's thoughts. And to write or read.
Your comment about luggage reminds me that I'm going to write a post about how your luggage isn't necessarily safe even with someone you know watching it.


That sounds like it will be a good post. I'll look forward to reading it -- because it's getting trickier.

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