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January 11, 2010


brian @

Great topic. I try to avoid the single supplement without sharing a room if I don't want to. Looks like there are not many ways around it if you're using a package tour.



Agreed. But here's the thing. Do you consider it a single supplement when you book a hotel room for $100 and the couple ahead of you technically gets it for $50 per person? (Because there are two in a room)


We watched the programme on avoiding single supplement with Ellen Perlman. We are the owners of Victoria Falls backpackers/bed and breakfast lodge in Zimbabwe,we have never charged a supplement on single travelers, took it off our website but then had this problem: a group of four will book as friends or couples then arrive and insist on each a double room for themselves at normal rates, so then decided to put it back on our website and give ourselves the choice that is not abused. Something interesting, about 70% of single travelers are women.



Ouch. I hadn't heard of this "trick." Not nice. I understand why friends traveling together might want their privacy (I have close friends who prefer single rooms, and so would I, really, if it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.)
But couples wanting to split up? Is that what you're saying here? Crazy...
Does anyone have suggestions on how to deal with this problem?


I am outraged! I have spent the last year scouring the planet for places with no supplement....mostly in Europe, but now moving into the US {ROUGH LUXE}. This is 100% robbery!
A screwjob they have gotten away with, but myself and my friends are going elsewhere, renting vacation homes and telling the ROBBERS they have lost our money. And what about all-inclusive? A very large man will benefit by this, but a small person who eats very little is paying an extra 100 to 200 a day for food they will never eat. How about some options for those of us who eat very little? If you find a place with no supplement....TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW....reward those people for being FAIR.....this planet is SICK WITH GREED!!!!!!!!



You're right that a small person who doesn't eat much is likely going to overpay at an all-inclusive resort. Might be something for a solo traveler to avoid, especially if it's priced per person, double occupancy.

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