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October 03, 2009



Good luck with that. I'll be interested to hear if it works out. I have never been able to pack that lightly. I've read great posts about how it can be done, but always find myself thinking, "Yes, but I really need to bring...." Will you have easy access to laundry facilities? That should make it do-able.

And also: Good for you for taking the Spanish immersion class!


I´m getting better at packing light. Think scarves (same clothes, different look) and washing things in the sink. Otherwise, doing laundry is too time consuming if you have to stick around while it´s getting done.
I met a travel writer who spent three months in China with one carry on and one pair of shoes. He inspired me. I still need to find more washable stuff but I´m getting there.
Now I have to figure out how to pack my new 21" bag so it stays ¨skinny!" Can´t use all the outside pockets obviously...


Mentioned it in a tweet above but forgot to mention here (the tweet will drop down at some point) that my bag did not pass the size inspection - it was too fat for the metal tester thing it was supposed to fit into. Apparently Continental has reduced the allowable size for carry ons. Could have brought the big honkin´ case! But this was good practice on the way to packing even lighter...

Cannot believe it didn't fit. :O Still, I remain impressed!


Well, let's see how much I buy here and whether I can get it home - so far have bought nothing but some panes dulces (sweet bread)
I suppose I could use more clothes than I have but it's also really not that necessary. But let's see if I'm still talking that talk in a few days!


I actually find I pack more for 2-3 day trips than for long trips. I did 2 months in Europe with only a carryon:


Wow, Ted, that's impressive. How often do you do laundry and do you do it in the sink or at a laundromat?

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