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September 03, 2009


I'm not cutting them slack, Ellen, but then you know how I am. As someone who rents bikes occasionally, I saw RentaBike's info when it first came out and thought the company is not providing anything you can't (more) easily get on your own. It's really simple to pre-rent a bike, so why have a middle person? Just Google for bike shops where you're going, look at their websites (usually there are 0-5) and see who rents. Then you can directly ask questions about the bikes, accessories, and riding routes. Much better strategy, in my experience, and I've done it several times.



Thanks for the insight. It's good to know that a google search of bike shops in the city you're going to turns up a fair number.
Okay, we'll cut out the middle man. Or try both and see which works better. Or maybe trying both will expand the options. Hm, now where should I go biking??

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