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August 27, 2009



Red Rocks is truly a special place! There is actually an annual two day music festival there that is always a good time. It is called Monolith and takes place in just a couple weeks!


It looks stunning. Glad to hear there's another thumbs up from a reader who's been there.
Now how am I going to get out there in a couple of weeks? It will probably have to wait until next year. At least.


A concert at Red Rocks would be pretty spectacular. I often go to hear live music when I travel solo. Most cozy venues have bars, so I just grab a bar stool and enjoy. Nobody's paying attention to me, they're all focused on the music (including me), so there's no reason to be uncomfortable. If you're a music lover, you should really give it a try sometime.


You know, even as I was writing that it would be hard for me to go to listen to music, I thought about the fact I went to flamenco on my own in Madrid and it was great. I met some people, got invited to their table after a little while, practiced my Spanish with them a bit. It's a matter of tamping down the butterflies and taking the bold step.


I guess the issue with music is that I'm not as much of a music person as some others, so I have less experience with those venues. I don't tend to choose them when I travel.
But that's what this blog is all about. Talking to readers who have little experience with solo travel to try to convince them that for those who ARE experienced, it can be a great time, doing what you want to do.
People just have to get past their apprehensions. Or they'll be waiting a long time, possibly forever, for someone to join them in doing exactly what they want to do.
No, don't wait, is my point. Do what you like to do when traveling solo. Music. Museums. Whatever. I admit to being really proud of myself every time I push myself to do something I'm a little scared of. Particularly when it works out well and turns into a great story/memory.

Emily @ Maiden Voyage

I live in Austin and was a little disappointed to see that we are third on the list. We call ourselves "the live music capital of the world," so it's a little embarrassing to not be ranked first :) While we host some incredible music festivals and have almost too much live music, I supposed it's pretty hard to beat NYC and New Orleans!



I wouldn't be too disappointed about Austin being third. For one, it's a pretty unscientific "survey" that SATW does. Second, I don't know how many people actually "vote."
I think the point of these "top 10" lists is to introduce people to some great places and trips.
Tell Austin to hang onto its "music capital" name!


Yeah, Ellen, exactly! That's the thing about solo travel--it's a great opportunity to pursue your passions. I love live music but I rarely go out to hear it at home for a variety of reasons (too busy, must get up early for work, etc.), so when I travel, that's when I indulge that passion. For someone else, it might be hiking, biking, museums, theater, the opera, whatever.

Las Vegas Hotels

last year i went to a very big festival in Belgium, its not so close to US maybe, but it was so worth it. Im talking about Pukelpop! did you hear anything about it? anyway, if you take a flight, book with LMT. You wont regret!


Trust me, if I'd heard of Pukelpop, I'd have remembered it, but no, I hadn't. Thanks.

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