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August 10, 2009



Q-cation: An August weekend at Disneyland or any other crowded theme park.

K-cation: A reunion of World War II veterans re-enacting their favorite battles. Includes special banquets featuring K-rations.

And you're completely ignoring the fact that "cation" is itself a word, meaning an atom deficient in electrons. So there's a whole range of travel opportunities for chemists, including the unionized ones (who aren't necessarily working under a collective bargaining agreement).

"Mancation" is an utterly abo-"man"-able term that exceeds even "staycation" in its loathesomeness. But the concept of a counterpart to the "girlfriend getaway" is a valid one, even though it needs a better name.


Funny! Thanks. Get out there and party on a beach somewhere, you chemists...


I think for the paycation, tour operators should pay you!


Would be nice, wouldn't it? Or how about just not charge a single supplement?

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