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July 23, 2009



Ellen, I loved your pun-riddled article ('this site is a gas')and especially the "downhill skiers have the clear advantage" quote - so true with regard to squat toilets!!

To answer your "Facing the wall or with your back to the wall" question, my own experience is definitely "back to the wall" works best!

In India years ago I encountered 'combo' toilets, composed of a western bowl style toilet with 'wings' off the side on which to place your feet should you prefer to squat - definitely preferential to hovering in my book. But the first time I saw a squat toilet / shower combo, I did a double take! Not uncommon in parts of Africa, these require sure footwork while showering!



I think we might have come to the "back to the wall" conclusion eventually. It's just that some of the squat toilets in the Thai hills weren't all that close to a wall! (Next there's the bidet question on which way to face!!!)

Never came across a combo toilet - but sounds logical.

Wow, a toilet/shower combo. That DOES sound dicey! Not only must it require sure footwork, it sounds like it also requires good footwear - no need to wash feet in that kind of situation!


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