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July 16, 2009


Ian Edlind

Capital Hiking Club is a great DC area hiking group and there are many others (Northern Virginia Hikers, Sierra Club PRO, Wanderbirds...not to mention three or four groups). On another note, I just wrote about a similar trip to Rock Creek Park: You gotta love that park!



I was glad to find the club. My friend, an avid hiker, introduced me to them. And to the Northern Virginia Hiking Club and to the Wanderbirds, who I haven't gone with yet. But I'm excited to do more hikes in the Washington region.
Some clubs hike closer in to DC than others - I'm the type who likes not to travel too far on a weekend because there are all sorts of chores and errands to take care of in those two short days.
But if I were a solo traveler in Washington, with plenty of time to sightsee and wander, that is, I'd be on vacation, I might be keen to go on an all-day hike and commune with nature and natives of the area. Perhaps find a dining companion for the evening!
Yes, you gotta love that park.
Hey, that link you included didn't work when I clicked it. Can you check and see what might be the problem?
Happy trails, as they say.


jessie voigts

interesting - i can't hike bc of my disabilities, but i am always interested in reading of others journeys. thanks!

marina k. villatoro


I've seen tons of these hike clubs when I lived in NYC but never joined them, sounds like a great time!


Glad I could entertain. Come back for more travel stories.

These clubs can be pretty good for getting out there and doing what you like to do and having company and also having someone else map and test the route for you!

Maria Padhila

Hey. Just wanted you to know I stole this photo in making a reference to your excellent blog on my blog. I hope you will not send out the lawyer. But let me know if you want me to remove it. (I am the worst photographer on earth--even with current technology, I can't get a simple coherent shot. So I am a photo stealer--tho try to confine myself to Creative Commons.) Very much enjoy your writing and will pass this on to the solo travelers I know!


The idea of hiking clubs is excellent. It allows the people that really like to travel, but do not want to deal with the logistical side to enjoy nature. The experience of traveling together with other people adds fun too

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