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June 18, 2009


Solo Road Trip

I'd love to do a few train trips myself, and for reasons of either time or money (as you say), haven't yet. But my curiosity is MORE piqued by your hitchhiking trip to Norway. Sounds wonderful! I'll search your site and hopefully find more about that. -- Tammie Dooley



The hitchhiking trip is a great story - but it wasn't a solo trip so I haven't written much about it on this blog. I wouldn't hitchhike solo as a woman (not that I can hitchhike solo as a man either...)
But that was a liberating and exciting trip, not to mention cheap (we often stayed with our drivers!) and eye-opening. I went with a college friend, from my year in England.
One of these days I'd like to publish something on it, but probably not here.


that second photo is stunning



And honestly? It doesn't even do the place justice...

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