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March 26, 2009



Yes, I'd certainly recommend the Utah parks. But you don't need "adventure companies that will provide equipment and companions," unless that's what you want. I took a solo road trip in 1989 that included Capitol Reef, Arches, Zion, and Bryce Canyon (plus what is now Escalante, which wasn't yet a park). It was a great trip, and the only time I missed having a travel companion was on the long, boring freeway trips between Los Angeles and Utah. This trip was also about the only time I met several other male solo travelers and got to talk to them-- but they were from Europe and Australia, and apparently didn't know they were supposed to be afraid. And some couples were friendly to me when my car got "altitude sickness" at Bryce Canyon (that wouldn't happen with a modern computerized fuel-injected engine).

I remember eating absolutely delicious freshly-caught local rainbow trout at a hole in the wall restaurant near Capitol Reef. I also spent Yom Kippur eve among the glowing red rocks in Capitol Reef, where I felt far closer to God than I ever did in a synagogue.

I have two photo travel essays from that trip: (Capitol Reef/Arches); (Zion/Bryce). But I don't think Fujichrome fully does it justice.


Beautiful photos Ted.
Yes, indeed, I DID need adventure companies to provide the rafts and guides who took me down my first Class IV rapids.

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I've never been to any grand canyon national park but I would love to someday. When I came to pass by your blog it lead me to research on some photos taken at the canyon. I must say that with the pictures that I've found over the internet, the views were breath-taking and the moment was priceless.

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