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March 12, 2009



I disagree with the Staten Island ferry ranking. The Staten Island ferry goes from SI to the south tip of Manhattan. The ferry from Hoboken to Pier 11 goes from about 9th Street in Manhattan down the length of Manhattan, around the south tip of the island (and the Staten Island berth) and up the East side just ever so slightly to under the South Street Seaport. It's a much better ride - you see so much more. And only $6!

Pier 11 was also one of the only places you could stand and see all 4 of the waterfalls that were put up last year.



Hey, thanks for the info. Who knew there was another way to go? And a better one at that?
It sounds as if the only thing the Hoboken to Pier 11 ferry is not, is "iconic" as one travel writer put it.



As best I can tell, SATW didn't actually vote on the ferries.

It was a cobbled together listing from suggestions.

Not nearly as "authoritative" as implied!


Hm. According to the site, SATW "recently polled its members" and "listed in order of votes with comments from SATW writers," the world’s “Top 10” trips by ferry boat."
So it sounds like the "votes" might have been the number of people who suggested the same ferry ride.
I guess it would be hard to have a scientific survey of just those people who experienced all 10 ferries and then ranked them in order of preference.
But...on the up side, they are ferries that people experienced and recommend. And they are ones that travelers may not have heard of.
But thanks for pointing that out. We'll take these as a list of recommendations by some travel writers, with the proverbial grain or two of salt, rather than as an official survey.


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