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March 23, 2009



Solo road tripping really is not as frightening as it sounds. I am a 22 year old girl who just got back from a 3 and a half month long solo trip. As long as you have your wits about you, you should be fine. It was an amazing adventure that I would do again in a heartbeat. It was a very, very powerful self reflection period which has made me a strong and much more independent person.

Some tricks of the trade
- take a tent. National forests are almost always free to camp in. A radio helps calm your nerves if you get frightened... but never stray too far from the road. stay as close as possible to your car.
- if roughing it in the woods is not your thing, another cheap alternative is a walmart or hotel parking lot. lock your doors!
- get a little camping stove and cook your own food. rice and oats are cheap, healthy, and fill you up.
- don't forget to take it in. stop and cherish where you are.
- many cities offer free meals... NEVER pass up a free meal!
- try to avoid tolls if possible. They add up big time. My GPS (amazing tool) had a function that told me where surrounding ones were, as well as surrounding gas prices!
- Look for fast food places that have public beverage dispensers. Get water bottles and fill them up whenever possible with the purified water they provide. Bottled water is expensive.
- always have pepper spray available just in case. Bear mace if you are a hiker.

Hope that helps someone! happy and safe trails my friends.



It sounds like you had quite the adventure. Thanks so much for sharing your tips about your travels.
Here's to more solo travel success...and joy!



I absolutely LOVE road trips as an adult! So much better than going thousands of miles in the non-airconditioned family car with my brother punching me in the arm.

If you've got a web access via your phone, will lure you to some wild sights on a cross-country jaunt. I've found some weird and wonderful stuff, thanks to that website!


Thanks for the tip! That is one wacky site indeed.

Kevyn Hagemann

This looks like a nice thing to do for a change, since I always go on a road trip with my friends for many years now, and there hasn't been an instance that I did it alone with my pet dog. Maybe someday, I'll be tripping around Edmonton and beyond with my Dodge van with the windows opened, while taking it easy.

Brittanie Holderness

Going solo on a road trip with nothing but a boatload (or these days, an iPod) of tunes to sing along with and the open road filled with so much potential can be a big adventure. It's the kind of pastime for thrill-seekers and adventurers alike, or even if you just have the time and patience to go drive on your own.


I agree. Steer in any direction you like and stop whenever you please!

Danny Cox

I hitch hiked the country 1975-1980 and it was GRRRREAT!!! Times where different then and I had so much FUN. Now that I'm older and have a new car I look forward to traveling again, this time with wheels. I do have a general direction but it will be subject to change at a moments notice.
I would like very much to hear fron anybody/everybody about this. I may not be opposedd to a female traveling companion, if we jive. PEACE


I hitchhiked in Europe, with a friend, during two summers. Some of the best times of my life.
I haven't thought about doing a road trip on my own, although I love solitary driving.
It's always the case that I many more things I want to do than I have time for! I hope you find a great road trip adventure.


After 18 years of child-rearing, I'm psyched to make a dog as copilot trip from my home in Charleston SC to see my family in San Diego, stopping to see a colleague in the Fort Worth area. I've always loved distance driving!


Lynnie - I don't love distance driving but I love a road trip - if that makes any sense at all. I like seeing new places, eating out, staying in hotels, reaching a destination. But perhaps not hours on the road.
Have fun on your trip!

rose sulick

I am planning a long car trip with my dog and figured everything out about stopping for gas and food while taking her, but what about when I need to use the rest room. Rest areas do not allow dogs in the building? Can anymore help with that?

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