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January 12, 2009



kay el bar ranch is the best and Robbie is soo amazing and the rest of the staff is alright 2!! hehe naw...the entire staff...and even those who've left are amazing and they all rock!!


I really enjoyed the ranch too...need to get back.

Brad & Cathy

This place was amazing. We are going back in March I hope. All of the staff are the best and the food is out of this world. The ranch is very well taken care of.... ya'll should be very proud!


So glad to hear you liked it as much as I did.

Kelsey Morehouse

My name is Kelsey Morehouse
I am graduating form high school in june, and looking for my next job!
I have been barrel racing sense 11 years old. I have bought and trained my own horses. I have qualified for Youth world NBHA every year I have ran NBHA. I went last year made it to finals and got a check in the finals. I am as dedicated as anyone out thier! I am looking for a place to get a full time job, or really any job! I have worked for cutters and reiners my whole life but also train barrel horses. I also run poles and won the North American AQHA youth poles class in 2009. I have won many buckles and saddles. I have many references here where i am from in Lafayette Indiana that I have rode for or people who have just seen horses I have started and finished. PLEASE! call me if thiers any interest in someone who will work really hard and has alot of experience riding/starting/finishing barrel/pole horses, I get along with everyone! Evan if I dont start training! I can prove I am a good worker doing anything. I am willing to send videos of me running horses I have finished and just riding colts here at the ranch i work at in Lafayette witch I have work at for almost 4 years now!

Ed & Linda Quick

Of all of the ranches that we have been to, we found that Kay El Bar was the best overall ranch experience that we have experienced. Horses, food, accomadations and staff were top notch.

joann thompson

my daughter is 16 yrs old,her name is Desiree Monroe and she really wants to learn how to barrel race. she is in high school 9th grd. at flagstaff high school and she never rode a horse, yet. can you help us? I can sent her to your school. Please help us and make her dream come true..thank you



I'm sorry but I just blog about adventures. Maybe you can try contacting Kay El Bar Ranch and see what they know about getting your daughter into barrel racing. Good luck.

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