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December 06, 2008


Ted Marcus

The travel world as we know it definitely is changing right before our eyes. But the changes more likely reflect the dismal state of the world economy rather than any specific interest in repealing the Noah's Ark Law.

Still, whenever a company does decide that marketing tours to singles without the usual "Hobson's choice" penalties is economically viable, it's good news indeed. If it does prove profitable, other tour operators will certainly copy the idea. And maybe they'll even offer it to non-retirees... and to men!

But I'm not sure that the idea of travel without supplements for seniors is completely new. I'm pretty sure I've seen brochures offering it (Saga? Elderhostel?) at least for selected tours and cruises. I haven't paid much attention to it because I'm not eligible (but I'm getting close; maybe there's something to look forward to when I turn 50 besides a colonoscopy?). Regardless, it's about time that some travel company executives start thinking outside the "couples and families" box and finding creative ways to welcome single people as valued profitable customers.


Amen to your last sentence!

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