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November 06, 2008


At first I thought, what a gimmick to get people to read your blog. ;) But then when I read it, I said, that Ellen is right on! It gets tiring apologizing for Bush. No more!


You're very right on this.

I'll be happy to travel abroad and not have to feel embarassed about being American (or as I once did in Russia right after Bush declared war on Iraq by faking a bad British accent when speaking English).


Gimmcks? Moi? Mais non!


It sounds like this is a universal experience! It's been worse in some countries than others, but not good in any...

Barbara Weibel

No question about it. When I backpacked around the world last year, everyone I met already knew of Obama and was rooting for him. Love your site. Found you on the T-List. As a fellow fan of solo female travel, I hope you will stop by mine and check it out:


Hi Barbara,

Glad you found me! Thank goodness for the T-List. I enjoy your site. I need to poke around a little more. Good luck with it.



Now all the Americans who have been pretending to be Canadian for years during their overseas travel can reclaim their birthrights!


Exactly! I never did learn all the words to the Canadian national anthem...

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