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September 12, 2008


Don't forget Elderhostel! I love them. Not that I've been on a trip with them, but I love their down-to-earth approach and affordability. And what do you mean "over 50 *but* energetic"? How about *and* energetic! As someone who is 3 months shy of "over 50," I can tell you I'm as peppy as ever! Or maybe I now have to change that to "spry"?


Yes, I hear you on both! Elderhostel is very popular and does a good job. This I know for a fact because my parents went on many of them.
As for "older but energetic" I didn't mean to imply anything! Can I change it now to "and?"

Martin V.

As you mentioned, you certainly shouldn't consider 50 as being old.

I'm 58 and have been on four ElderTreks tours. Absolutely amazing company as far as their organization and tours. Since their tours range in activity level you can choose which ones would best suit your physical condition.

Iran, West Africa, Antarctica and Patagonia have all been phenomenal trips for me. Cultural immersion combined with great sightseeing and the most wonderful and informative guides I've had on any trips.

I have been and will continue to recommend ElderTreks to as many people as possible. If you want a memorable, real adventure than look no further.

Happy Travels.




Thanks for the info. Why don't you email me with your phone number if you're up for being interviewed about one or two of your trips with ElderTreks. Then I can tell readers more of the details...

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