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February 18, 2008



Cameron from IgoUgo here--as IgoUgo is a site for travel reviews and experiences from real travelers, we base all such lists on member recommendations. Therefore, if we recommend a city as a great place to travel solo, it's because one (or more) of our members had a great solo travel experience there and recommends it to others! As you said, solo travelers are just travelers like everyone else--so a nice place to visit solo is a nice place to visit, period. But these recommendations come specifically from the solo travel experiences of our members. For more information, come to IgoUgo and read more!



Thanks for your input. We're both saying the same thing, really. Nice places to visit are nice places to visit for everyone.

However, the fact that some solo travelers had a good time in those places, doesn't mean the next 100 solo travelers won't be bored and lonely. So I still don't see why those particular places are the top 10 places to "fly solo."

The way Reuters played the story, it was as if these specific cities were suited for solo travelers. More so than others.

I find that misleading. I couldn't find the list on your site so I don't know how it was presented there.

But again, thanks for checking in and explaining what the list represented.


Two things come to mind. First and foremost, newspapers and mags know that lists sell and so they do them ad nauseum. "Best this," "top that." Ridiculous. Second is that while you might say that solo travelers are "regular people," which they area, you do have a blog devoted to them, so things about them do stand out. But, like you said, those things should be explained in a way that's thoughtful. Using "solo travel" as a hook to list places is rather thought-less. Btw, tomorrow I'm off to Canada -- alone!


placeswegopeoplewesee: You've got it backwards. On this blog, solo travelers are the regular people. Couples are the ones that "stand out." Hee, hee. A little solo traveler joke. Possibly the first one ever. Solo travelers unite! Si, se puede.

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