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February 15, 2008



You say, "At the Alcazar castle, a building that inspired Walt Disney's castle ..."
First, I've never seen Alacazar except in photos. Second, I've always heard, and perpetuated the story, that Disney's castle was based on Neuschwanstein, in Bavaria. I've been to Disney, three of them, actually, and Neuschwanstein, and I have to stand by my story.
Not that I'm picking a fight, but ...


It's so true, Ellen. I'm still friends with a man I met on a train from Milan to Paris in 1983, when I was in my early 20s! We started chatting and ended up bopping around Paris together for a couple days. (No romance involved.) I stayed with him and his Dad in 1986 and then he and his girlfriend (now wife) visited me in Boston in 1991 and my husband and I just visited him, wife, and children this past November. It's a wonderful connection!


Hi Lou,

Feel free to pick a fight. The problem being, I'm not going to argue. I'm one of those suckers for a story - and this is one that the Spanish marketing people perpetuate. Or maybe it's the Segovian marketing people. Walt Disney's not around to ask and you may very well be right about his inspiration. Or maybe he visited both places and took from each? The only thing more I can say is that the castle did look Disney-ish to me. Thanks for the interesting tidbit on Neuschwanstein. I just Googled it and you're absolutely right. It's quite Disney-ish too. So many places to visit. So little time...


I love other peoples' stories on this topic. It underscores the fact that most travelers meet cool people on the road. Readers who are apprehensive about traveling solo should take heart. If they can conquer the fear and get out there, they too can make connections with people from around the world. Santiago anyone?

edgardo parraguez baeza

is incredible, he is my friend...jajajaja...I knew he talks too much...but is really nice person...thank you mauricio for talk about a beatiful country please visit to us...bye...chao..


Hi Edgardo,

Seriously? You're Mauricio's friend? He IS a great guy. I really enjoyed meeting him and Paola. Did he send you to this entry about him?
So you live in Chile, too? Can I also stay at your place when I come to visit? Hahaha.
I didn't mention it in my blog, but I have been to Chile. I went in the fall of 2006. For a writer's conference in Santiago. We had a dinner at the Concha y Toro winery. Chile certainly is a beautiful country. I wish I could have seen more.
Thanks for writing!

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